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At OncoOptima, we place patients at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to improving the quality of life for cancer patients drives us to continuously advance our technology and expand our quest of cancer treatment efficacy. Together with the medical community, we strive to bring about a future where every cancer patient receives individualized treatment regimens, providing them with the best chance for a successful outcome in their battle against cancer.  

Through cutting-edge techniques and rigorous scientific research, we aim to identify the  likelihood of a patient’s response to certain therapies (e.g., chemotherapy drugs and targeted therapies). By arming patients and physicians with this valuable knowledge, we aim to reduce the physical, emotional, and financial toll of ineffective treatments, and focus on those that hold the greatest potential for success. 

Experience a new age of cancer care

Join us on this transformative journey as we lead the way in empowering patients to reclaim control of their treatment decisions and redefine the landscape of cancer care

Our Vision

A new future of cancer care where every patient’s journey is led by hope, preference, and optimal outcomes.

Our Mission

Champion effective and personalized cancer care for each journey, every journey.

Our Approach

Revolutionize cancer care by providing a cutting-edge therapy assessment that empowers patients and providers to make informed decisions about cancer treatment.

Our Story

Cancer’s pervasive nature has touched lives of countless individuals, reminding us that its battle is a shared endeavor to be faced together rather than alone. Our story started with the cancer diagnosis of our dear fathers one after another. Despite our profound understanding of oncology and contributions to anti-cancer drug developments, we found ourselves grappling with a sense of helplessness and powerlessness. Evi experienced the painful loss of her father to pancreatic cancer within six months of diagnosis. We yearned for just a little more time, those very precious extra months, in the hope of her father witnessing her graduation. Few years later, Keong, too, faced the heart-wrenching loss of his father to small cell lung cancer in an equally brief span, where targeted therapies and immunotherapy couldn’t bridge the gap, leaving chemotherapy as the sole recourse. Tragically, in both instances, we lacked means to pinpoint the most suitable treatment course from the onset, and that robbed us of cherished time.

Our personal experiences led to an invaluable lesson – though we’re far from conquering cancer, there are still things we could do to elevate cancer care for patients and their families. This realization ignited the birth of OncoOptima, driven by a deep commitment to empower patients and their loved ones during their treament journey. We aim to support every cancer patient, working with doctors and families, equipping them with precision medicine insights on approved therapies, to help seize the moments that matter.

Your journey is our journey, and through empowerment, collaboration, and determination, we are committed to shed light on existing treatments responsiveness, reshape the narrative of cancer care, and thus continuing to honor the memories of our fathers.

Dr. Evi Llabani

Dr. Evi Llabani


Evijola Llabani brings extensive experience in oncology having worked with physicians and patients against advanced cancers & having discovered a new anticancer drug. In addition, Evi has detailed experience consulting large pharmaceutical companies and other fortune 500 companies in devising their global/local business strategy, operating model, and defining their competitive edge to set the scientific direction throughout her 5 year career in management & strategy consulting.

Dr. Keong Yong

Dr. Keong Yong


Keong Yong always has the passion to bridge the realm of science and innovation. His doctoral research delved into multi-functional wearable devices enabled by nanomaterials.  He then embarked on a pivotal chapter at Boston Consulting Group to devise strategies that fostered growth and transformation across various industries. Subsequently, he ventured into  the realm of cryptocurrency innovation, joining OKX as a product manager. He now aims to channel his multidisciplinary background to engineer transformative impact on personalized cancer care.

OncoChoice is designed to provide individuals with insights on the potential efficacy of cancer care. While OncoChoice delivers personalized results, it does not constitute a medical diagnosis and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice from a qualified physician.