The Future of Cancer Care

At OncoOptima, we are committed to champion effective and personalized cancer care for each journey, every journey.

What we Do

Empower Informed Decisions in Cancer Treatment

… by providing a state-of-the-art methodology that generates additional insights on candidate therapies for cancer patients and their healthcare providers 

Personalized TREATMENT

OncoChoicepromotes customization of cancer therapy based on patient’s unique tumor characteristics to yield optimal outcomes

treatment education

OncoChoiceresults guide insightful patient-provider discussions about treatment options, fostering a  patient-centered approach to care


OncoChoice™ enables timely adjustments to treatment plans, ensuring that patients receive the most effective drugs from onset

clinical Discovery

OncoChoice™ advances cancer research and aids development of novel treatment strategies by assessing drug responsiveness data

Why we care

Your Cancer, Your Treatment, Your Voice

Navigating through an extensive array of available therapy drugs (chemotherapy and targeted therapies) presents a formidable challenge.

Identifying the most optimal treatment demands an understanding of patient’s  tumor profile, potential treatment efficacy and side effects.


~80% of patients are not eligible for targeted therapy due to mutation status


~10+ FDA approved therapies for majority of cancers


Minimize exposure to drugs that may be ineffective by analyzing responsiveness of various treatment options


Prevent unnecessary toxicity and costs due to ineffective therapy, which may also cause the tumor to become cross-resistant to additional drugs


Fast identification of effective therapy accelerates initiation of treatment, which is critical in aggressive and rapidly progressing cancers


When patients experience favorable treatment outcomes with fewer side effects, they are more likely to adhere to their treatment regimens


Enable ongoing monitoring and adjustment of treatment regimen based on how patient’s cancer responds over time for each journey

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OncoChoice – Our Product

OncoChoice represents a revolutionary approach in cancer care. By isolating cancer cells from patients’ biospecimens and subjecting them to potential therapies (chemotherapy and targeted therapies), we unlock invaluable insights into individual therapy responsiveness. This targeted approach empowers healthcare providers and patients to tailor treatment strategies, ultimately leading to more effective and personalized cancer therapies. Welcome to a new era of precision medicine, where patients’ needs and outcomes come first. 

OncoChoice is designed to provide individuals with insights on the potential efficacy of cancer care. While OncoChoice delivers personalized results, it does not constitute a medical diagnosis and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice from a qualified physician.